Dr. Jennine Rawana

profile_pictureJennine S. Rawana, Ph.D (Lakehead University) is an Associate Professor at York University in the Department of Psychology, and a Clinical Developmental Psychologist. Her current research interests are in mapping the interactive pathways in risk and protective factors in the developmental processes of adolescent mental health and the application of these scientific findings to school- and community-based programs. Her primary research interests are in depression and its association to the development of emotion regulation in adolescence. She is also interested in engaging Aboriginal youth and their communities to improve their mental health functioning. Specifically, she is developing a program of research that examines (a) first and foremost the risk (e.g., dysfunctional cognitions, interpersonal problems) and protective (e.g., psychological strengths, resiliency, self-esteem, body appreciation) factors that interact in the development of depression and emotion regulation in adolescence, (b) school-based mental health prevention programs, and (c) community-based mental health and mentoring programs targeting diverse populations, particularly Aboriginal youth.

Additionally, Jennine is the Master of Calumet College for a five year term 2015-2020. She is well positioned for the Master’s role drawing on her dedication to students, her teaching innovation and excellence, as well as her research expertise in the area of youth mental health. She has a deep commitment to ensuring the quality of our student’s academic and broader life experiences.

Service/Community Activities

Centre of Education and Research on Positive Youth Development at Lakehead University
Associate Researcher

LaMarsh Centre for Child and Youth Research at York University
Core Member